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Phase I: Preparatory action

Activity 0

Increase stakeholder awareness of life cycle thinking and encourage their participation to achieve the project objectives.

Phase II: Implementation

Activity 1

Analysis of the technical, economic, social and environmental characteristics of the wine life cycle and quantification of the different wine sector waste streams in Castilla y León.

Activity 2

Identification and description of the Best Available Techniques and the best environmental practices for the wine sector and for the management of its waste streams.

Activity 3

Screening of added value compounds that can be obtained from wine waste streams and analysis of strategies to obtain these.

Activity 4

Design of an environmental label that specifies all the requirements that the wine product system has to fulfil to be considered environmentally responsible.

Activity 5

Development of a Strategic Plan for the wine sector in Castilla y León that allows the sector to place itself at the forefront of wine-producing regions worldwide.

Phase III: Validation

Activity 6

Feasibility study of the synthesis strategies of high added-value compounds from wine wastes selected in pilot plant tests.

Activity 7

Validation of the environmental criteria defined in the label award procedure, by means of their implementation in winemaking industries.

Phase IV: Communication and dissemination actions

Activity 8

Active dissemination of the developed tasks and results obtained in the framework of the project with the aim of increasing knowledge and awareness about environmental opportunities in the wine sector.

Phase V: Project Management and Monitoring

Activity 9

Management and monitoring of the project development. Coordination of the work and supervision of the outcomes as well as quality of the reports and other deliverables.

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