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Vino / WineThe wine industry produces a great quantity of refuse. About 80% of the harvest is used for winemaking and grape waste is 20% of the weight of processed grapes.

Therefore, treatment and disposal of winery waste is a serious environmental problem and it is necessary to find new valorisation strategies for those wastes that will provide a competitive improvement for the wine sector.

The LIFE HAproWINE project seeks to contribute to sustainable development in the winery sector of Castilla y León. Bearing this in mind, the following specific objectives have been established:

  • Promote the rational and sustainable use of natural resources (freshwater resources, land, etc.) using a life-cycle approach
  • Promote the prevention, recovery and recycling of winery wastes
  • Promote the supply-and-demand of more environmentally-friendly products throughout their life cycle.
  • Identify and promote the synthesis of high added-value compounds that can be obtained from the different wine waste streams.
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